Thursday, January 24, 2008

Doll, bed and start to quilt

Here is the new cradle mattress and pillow. It's definitely poofier than I expected, but I think it may collapse some over time. My grandma looked at the crib and original mattress and thinks it may be from the thirties. I'm not sure how to clean the original mattress -- it really smells like my grandpa's house (tobacco stink). Not good for a little girl's room.

Here is the start to the doll quilt. Just part of the top done. It didn't take anytime at all, but I need to keep working on it. I think I started it Christmas Eve afternoon and haven't gotten any farther. I love all the purple!

Here is the doll. Carolina's not too enamored by her, but I think she might grow to like her a little more. I think she spends too much time playing with her older brother and almost prefers cars and trains over dolls. She does like to snuggle her blankets and little fuzzy stuffed animals. But I don't think that is a gender thing at all, is it? Tim definitely has his favorite lovies.
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