Friday, October 26, 2007

Christmas or Birthday?

My little girl will receive her first doll in December -- either for Christmas or her birthday. I'm making her a ragdoll starting with this pattern. I'm really pleased so far. She will have brown hair and several articles of clothing. I am also going to make new bedding for an old doll cradle passed on from my dad.

Oooh, I was so excited to make a quick trip to the fabric store for some girly fabrics. Plans for sheets, pillow, quilt, and clothes, of course. Now all I need is some brown yarn (for the hair).

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Organizing the Toys

The kids are starting to accumulate tons of toys which are overtaking the house. We've got some pretty generous gift-givers in the family and, although we've tried, there is no end in sight. So, I've come up with an organizational system that involves draw string bags hung from pegs in their closets, an additional low shelf to put toys on, and continued use of containers. Here's a bag to hold all the musical instruments. Mostly toy rhythm makers: shaky eggs, maracas, drums, etc. The kids both love to pull them out when we put on a music DVD or pull out the guitar.

Gifts for baby James

I love making gifts for friends and family! These were for a first-time mom and she really enjoyed them. I just took two pieces of flannel, cut them into strips and started sewing them together. I cut it to a bib shape and then cut the backing out of some light green fuzzy material. Put right sides together, sew them up leaving a few inches open. Turn it inside-out and top-stitch the outside. Super fun, mini-quilt project. Carolina had to try it on.

Hopefully mom will let her baby actually eat in it. Also a onesie necktie. These were a big hit.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Recent Ventures

Just a few recent kids' projects. The sewn felt dots on our spotty dotty ladybug really helped her look darling. She didn't even mind the wings and kept them on the whole time at her cousin's birthday party. She's a sweetheart!
Timmy just woke up from a car nap! He loves his robot costume, but he can't stand wearing it. I've offered to make him another costume for the rest of this season's dress-up events, but he really wants this one.
Not a great picture of his wallaby sweater. I'm glad the weather has cooled sufficiently for wearing wonderful wallabies. He loves the hood on!

Just one of the many necktie onesies for little ones. They are so darling and make perfect for gifts for babies.