Friday, October 7, 2011

New hats

It's fall and she needed hats. I've knit hats, but thought I'd try to sew some. These were super, super easy and she loves them, as you can see. She is a little over two months old and the fleece fits great (nice and snug); the knit one turned out a little big and falls down over her eyes sometimes. I used this tutorial.  Just make sure you cut the hat in the right direction (so it can stretch to fit baby's head). Also, I don't have a serger, just used a regular sewing machine for the knit fabric.  Speaking of sewing machines, I just bought a new machine.  I have had three machines in my life and all three were hand-me-downs.  I almost cried opening up a brand new machine.  It is a Brother CS-6001 and, for the record, the pink fleece hat was the first project ever sewn on the machine.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

stroller remake

This stroller had seen too much outdoors and big kid riders and was in desperate need of a redo. Notice the big hole ripped in the seat? I did this for Joe, my two year old. When he saw the new cover, his comment was, "Cute!" For days, he pushed it everywhere.  I used the old cover as a template and reused the old straps.  Not perfect, but super cute.


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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New skirt

First, pay no attention to the half-naked 2-year old. I'm sure our neighbors are convinced we are complete rednecks. If the shoe fits...

Carolina wanted a skirt that she could twirl around in. She picked both fabrics and insisted on a lace trim. It went together very quickly and she is super happy with it.

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