Friday, May 8, 2009

Felt paper doll

So this idea first started as a magnet doll.  Maybe I'll post more about it another time.  Carolina was not very happy with the magnets because she could not pick up the doll and play with it without her clothes coming off (she's only 2 and fairly head-strong).  So, my next idea was a felt paper doll.  It originally was going to have no face and be one felt thickness.  It turned into what you see here.  I sewed on the hair, underwear, and shoes to keep things simple.  Lina loses small things easily.
The clothes were originally just plain felt, but I thought it would be fun to add some fabric using heat 'n bond.  I didn't bother sewing it down.  It seems fairly secure and will never be washed.  The doll and clothes were created in an evening and some of the next morning.

Then Carolina informs me that "Girl" needs a pillow.  Well, she still doesn't have a pillow, but during naptime yesterday, I sewed up a case with a pocket, handles, velcro tab, and a padded half for her "bed."  She sleeps right next to Lina's pillow.