Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Amy Butler apron

This was a hard apron to give away. We sent this down to Ben's sister in South Carolina. She is a big fan of Vera Bradley and I got this beautiful VB fabric secondhand from my sister. I get the best stuff from other people's overflowing stash. The vintage gold fabric came from a craft show for a $1/stuff a bag. My sister and I found some cool stuff. She made a great bag from one of the pieces. Anyway, the apron is a half apron from Amy Butler's In Stitches. The book is wonderful and I finally had to return it to the library this week. I got it on ILL and only could keep it for six weeks. I check out all my books from the library, but I might actually have to purchase this one.

I hope Ben's sister loves it as much as I do. Too bad there is not enough fabric for another one, but I might end up making myself one from a remnant I picked up at Joann's. It's the main fabric seen on this gorgeous bag in this crafter's post. I'm not a huge dog person, but the fabric really caught my eye.
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