Saturday, January 12, 2008

Carolina's baby booties

I made these last spring for Carolina and you can tell they have been well-loved. They fit her for awhile and actually stayed on her feet, usually. I used a pattern found in a BH&G baby knitting booklet. The pattern was wonderful and super-quick. I didn't even check my gauge and it ended up being too small the first time. I just made another real quick, no big deal.

I made them with some yarn that my friend Kat gave me for my birthday several years ago. She bought it in Norway on her LDS mission. I've also made a bear with this same yarn and need to post that too. I love these booties and am sad that her feet no longer fit them. She just turned 1 recently and has yet to walk on her own. These are the only shoes she's worn and only sometimes to church. I tell her that when she learns to walk we can buy her some shoes. She's pretty stubborn sometimes, but super sweet.

Here she is at Easter wearing her newly made booties. She sure has grown since then!

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